The mind is a very powerful organ at our service, as long we know how to tame this beast, and are not letting it become our master.

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This is an incident from my childhood. Back then, our daily routine used to start very early in the morning (4 am). I learned this habit from my mother and grandmother. They used to wake me up every day. At some point, I grew a wish to surprise them by…

Write code that can be read like a story.


If someone asks me who is my Guru for Java, I would say ‘Sun Microsystem’ and ‘Apache Foundation’.

I am from a generation, where most of the programming learning was by reading Java source code. Internet was not a big store of many rich blogs or forums, and hence reading…

Context changes with time, which makes understanding the truth difficult. Let the truth be accessible easily to everyone, with effective documentation.

When I think about documentation in code, I think about a fellow developer reading it a couple of years down the line when I am not around. And that defines the test/quality criteria of documentation for me:

Will a developer who just understand the system domain, would be able to…

Changes are difficult. Leaders lead the changes by setting the example, and by showing that it is possible

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Albert Einstein once said “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.”

To complement this quote, let me tell you a story.

I started working as a shop supervisor back in 1998. It was a mechanical workshop with approx 25 technicians. …

Mohit Gupta

Enjoy building great teams and products, a learner, an explorer of matrix

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